Go On An Affordable Trip With Discovery Caravan Hire In Sydney Cheap At Cost


When was the last time you went for a relaxing tour? We are not saying about taking a flight straight to Paris and checking in on an expensive hotel. Later you spend a week there taking selfies in front of the Eiffel tower. We are definitely not talking about this type of regular vacation.

We are talking about a vacation that heals us. After a tiring week, when we spend some days in nature or in a beach, the tiredness goes away. Our lost soul gets revived. We recharge ourselves for another week. 

This kind of vacation has become very important in our busy life. But we also don’t want to struggle with local transport to go on vacation. Thinking about all the terms & conditions, we find out that a caravan trip will be the best in this regard. 

Discovery Caravan Hire is one of the most affordable rental agencies. We offer caravan hire in Sydney cheap at cost. Because we believe that you should not miss out on vacation due to a limited budget. 

Know about our charge and available van models for reference. Later on, we have also suggested some places for you to visit with Discovery caravan hire in Sydney cheap at cost.


Rental charge by Discovery Caravan Hire:

The fleet of Discovery Caravan Hire has the latest models available on the continent. We have set up a price list depending on the rush of off and peak season, availability and amenities inside the van. 

We have vans of every size. If you are going on a family trip or a couple’s vacation, we have a van ready for every occasion. If you want to just take a tour down the street, we have an e-bike for you too. 

Here we have notified you about the price chart for your reference. It will help you in the future whenever you book a caravan in Sydney. 

Model name capacity Off season price Minimum days of booking Peak season  price Minimum days of booking
Jayco Starcraft  5 berths $140 7 nights $155-$185 7 nights
Jayco Journey 22 4 berths $140 7 nights $175-$195 7 nights
Jayco Starcraft Outback 2 berths $135 5 nights $130-$142 7 nights

For e-bike rental, the charges are following, 

  • Hire one bike for $250 per week.
  • Hire two bikes for $400 per week.


Take Your Caravan To:



Now you have an idea about which type of caravan you want to take. But have you decided where to go? Australia has lots of tourist spots with caravan parking facilities. Although the destination varies according to where the traveller wants to go. Still, we have mentioned the top five destinations where you can go with your caravan. All these destinations have unique specialties. Hence, being a surfer or a nature explorer, or just a random traveller, these places will welcome you with an open heart. 


The blue mountains:

The Blue Mountains are mesmerizing and thrilling for the seeker of adventure. This place has so much to offer to its visitors that you would like to travel repeatedly through it. The name might scare you if you are looking for some relaxing adventure. But the truth is that blue mountains consist of campgrounds with a variety of amenities and caves to explore the age-old histories. You will be a fan of its high towers. Moreover, you can give your adrenaline a rush with a gliding cable car. Also, take the steepest passenger railway here to test your courage. 

There are campgrounds and caravan parks on this site. Hence, you can drive your cozy and luxurious caravan to one of its parks. And spend a few days there. 

Wait, forget to tell you. The mountains are not blue in colour btw. 


The Barossa Valley:

Are you a fan of premium wine? If yes, then have you thought about a full moon night sitting in an outdoor location with a campfire, light music, and your favourite person by your side? The entire scenario is great to imagine. So let’s make it a little more lushier and place you in the middle of a wine farm with the best wine bottle in front of you.  

Don’t get upset. This is a reality if you travel in the Barossa valley. It is Adelaide’s wine-producing region. It is also accessible in a motor van. Take one or two days off to explore its century-old wineries and taste the freshly made wines direct from the producers. 

Apart from wineries, the entire region has towns filled with charms and impeccable nature. Drive your caravan through its local road and find out about its people, culture and more hidden traits of the area.

One interesting fact is that the Barossa valley has 150 wineries. 


Port Stephens:

Have you seen dolphins actively jumping above the water and diving back? A moment of live dolphin diving is like a well-spent moment. And what can be better if you get to witness it with your family? Then bring out your caravan or call for caravan hire in Sydney cheap at cost and drive towards the north. 

Port Stephens is a wonderful beach location outside Sydney. With 26 sand beaches, Port Stephens is an ideal location if you love water sports, sunbath and sands. 

Kayaking, swimming, sailing, diving and horse riding in its sand dunes are the most popular attraction of Port Stephens. The crystal clear blue water and clean beaches are perfect to spend some alone time in nature.

The list of attractions about this place does not end here. There is always something more about this place. Whenever you are in Port Stephens, try to visit Murray’s beer house. The craft beers, for example, Whale Ale, and Wild Thing. Don’t miss to taste these exotic beer collections.


The Gold Coast:

The Gold Coast is situated in the south of Brisbane. This is a metropolitan region containing its distinct culture and perseverance. Waterfalls, surfing spots, rainforests, culinary spots, and theme parks are to name some of the attractions. The gold coast is worth visiting if you are a lone surfer or a nature explorer. It even has something new and unique to discover by a wanderer. 

Surfer paradise is situated on the Gold Coast. If you are a person who finds chances for surfing in each outing, then this is your place. The high-rise skyline gives you a sense of assurance to be close to modern civilization. Alongside, the hinterland rainforest showcases nature in its purest form. 

You will find lots of car rental agencies for caravan hire in Sydney cheap at cost. You can take these rentals straight out of Sydney to Brisbane and enjoy days on the long beach warming up under the sun.


Wrapping it up here:

Be it a luxury caravan hire in Sydney or call for caravan hire in Sydney cheap at cost, your adventure is going to be your life-changing experience. The cost of the caravan depends on the size, capacity and amenities available there. Discovery caravan hire offers a fleet of the latest model motor vans at a very affordable range. The vans are well maintained and 24/7 hours of customer support are provided. Anywhere, you feel like having some assistance, we will reach out at the earliest hour possible. For early booking or season holidays, there are special discounts available too. Please connect with us at the right moment and we will plan your holiday alongside you for the best experience. 

To book an appointment write to hello@discoverycaravanhire.com.au .

You can book your car on call at 0413 455161. 

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