Top ten locations that are a must-see while caravanning!

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  • Pinkest Lake

Pink lakes as the name suggests has got a rosy colour due to the chemical released by some specific algae as protection against sunlight. It is primarily known as spencer lake it is one of the well-known lakes among Hutt Lagoon and Lake Hillier. The view is absolutely mesmerizing to indulge in some great weekend activity. Esperance is the town nearby to this great place and the perfect spot for a campsite.

  • Port Arthur Holiday Park

Are you someone fond of spooky vibes and ghost stories? Then you should definitely not miss visiting the historic Port Arthur historic site. The prison of Port Arthurs has got a significant geographical location as this peninsular town was surrounded by water on all sides. Furthermore, it is believed that sharks inhabited the water to cease all possibilities for the prisoners to escape. If you are a person who loves spooky adventures this is the perfect camping place for you.

  • Ayers Rock

It is known as the reddest rock, red centre and also Uluru by the Anangu. It has got a distinctive red colour that changes all throughout the day. It glows the brightest during sunrise and sunset. It is located at the exact centre of Australia’s mainland. Ayers Rock Resort has located about 8 km from this place and has got perfect arrangements for your camp activities or staycation.

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  • Fraser Island

It is the world’s largest sand island. It is a place that would keep you busy with fun activities all day long. You can take a quick refreshing swim in the rainforest lake. you can explore the 75-mile beautiful beach and watch birds along with wildlife. This is the best place to cool off some heat and stress for nature lovers out there. The place entails about 45 campsites for you to opt for.

  • Blue Lake Mount Gambier

The last volcanic eruption took place on Mount Gambier and experts state that its unlikely to ever happen again as it is in a dormant state. The volcanic eruption caused four huge craters on the plain forming lakes later. Presently all three lakes have dried up leaving Blue Lake. The view of Blue lake is captivating especially during the summer due to its transition from a dull grey colour to a vibrant bright cobalt blue colour hence getting its name. 

If you are planning for a  campsite you can check out Blue Lake Holiday park for accommodation.

  • Junee Cave State Reserves

This is a large cave system consisting of about 300 caves in it and a great place to explore all by yourself. Don’t miss out on the niggly cave which is around 375 m deep and the deepest cave in Australia. You can find caravan accommodation in the town of Maidana named Land of the Giants Caravan Park. It feels an absolute bliss to spend a few nights at this campsite due to its homely ambience.

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  • Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve

These rocks may seem like another set of giant ordinary rock to you but it has got a rich religious story behind them. According to the mythology of Australian Aboriginals, the rock has got huge powers and entails a spiritual force to it. If you are a person who loves knowing about history and exploring around it is the best choice for you as you will get to learn a lot about the indigenous people of Australia.

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  • Newnes Glow Worm Tunnel 

Worms are scary right? You would never want them to surround you all around a place but here’s a place that can challenge your thoughts about worms.

The Newnes Tunnel once used to be an old railway tunnel is now being inhabited by a huge variety of glow worms. When you reach deep inside the tunnel you will get amazed by the view after switching on the torch. The way these worms glow is a treat for the eyes. The Newness Campground is nearby and the best part is it’s completely free but you would be served according to your arrival.

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  • Shell Beach, Innes National Park

Imagine a beach without sand now what if I tell you there’s actually a beach without sand? Well yes you heard it right there’s a shell beach around Innes national park it may seem to be a normal beach from far but as you approach it closer you’ll notice it’s completely covered with shells all around. The view is phenomenal. Spending a few days here would be a great choice.

  • Wallaman Falls

  It is widely famous for being the tallest single-drop waterfall. At a height of 268 m, it gives a magnificent view. It is surrounded by wet tropics all around and is home to many wildlife creatures. It is the perfect place for a nature lover to be in the lap of nature exploring all its beauty.

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