Why choose caravans over motorhomes?

Here is some reason for you to make an easy pick.

If you are lost in the dilemma of picking between an RV or a motorhome we are here to help you to make the right choice without any regrets.

 Some basic things to keep in mind before opting for the right one entails:

  • The convenience & the transportation of caravan over the motorhome.
  • Rv’s require the usual parking space as compared to motorhomes which are pretty huge and take up a lot of space.
  • Economically caravans are cheaper than motorhomes even if it is of the same size.
  • Maintenance of the caravan is way cheaper.
  • Registration costs for a caravan are inexpensive.

This is just a summary of the factors we are going to discuss in the following article. So stick with us till the end for many more facts that you can’t miss if you are still confused between a caravan and a motorhome. 

  • The convenience of the transportation of caravan over the motorhome.

This factor is widely influenced by  what kind of traveler you are. It’s like are you someone who likes to take frequent stops while traveling or are you someone who likes to travel for long stretches without any break?

One of the greatest advantages of a caravan also known as the house on wheels is that you can leave it how you want without needing to make many arrangements. All you need to do is lower the stabilizing legs and pull out the awning and you are good to go.

Though a comprehensive pack-up is required for a caravan as compared to a motor home.

On the other hand, a motorhome is completely a wrong choice if you opt to stop a lot in between your journey. Also, it isn’t possible for you to travel in your tow vehicle off-road in a motorhome. It would really be hectic to explore the usual places to eat or shops in a motorhome. Did mention the ordeal to find a place to park it.

Campervan Hire Sydney has brought attractive deals for you to opt for the caravan that suits your need, leaving no regrets for later. Though we always recommend you to give a trial on the motorhome or caravan before you opt to buy one as no one would understand your needs better than you.

  • Economically caravans are cheaper

            The price of caravans is always going to be less than a motorhome. You can equip the caravan with additional features that are available in the motorhome but it’s still going to cost you less. Furthermore getting yourself a caravan that can be readily towed with the car you already have will end up saving you some more bucks. Though the cost isn’t always restricted to these factors as often if you need to buy towing vehicles with a caravan the cost pretty much becomes similar to that of a motorhome.

Apart from these, the caravan is an economical purchase the maintenance of a caravan is pretty cheap but that is not the case for a motorhome. You can readily repair your caravan from a local mechanic but motorhome requires specific service centres for mending it. Caravans do need regular maintenance like tuneups or oil changes.

So you end up saving some bucks on fuel consumption too while using a caravan.

Also, a caravan does need to be registered often so you end up saving the registration cost associated with it which is definitely not the case with motorhomes.

  • Some other factors

Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, there are other things to consider like your company. Are you a person who loves travelling alone? Or are you someone who loves exploring places with your friends, family or loved ones? Motorhomes come in handy for those who are lone travellers as you don’t need to spend time setting up or packing your vehicle.


A caravan serves best when you are traveling in a group and you need people to accompany you. It makes a perfect choice as it’s easy to park and you can take regular stops while traveling.

Both caravan and motorhome have their own sets of pros and cons you need to analyse your need and then opt for the right one. Don’t invest your money in haste that you are going to regret later. Reevaluate your budget, travelling patterns and company before choosing the right one.

Campervan Hire Sydney strives to deliver you with the right service for you to enjoy the most out of your adventure.

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