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What is a Camper Trailer? 

The camper trailer is gaining a lot of popularity recently due to the flexibility of upgrading it to a camping setup according to your preferences. It is the best way to enjoy life outdoors while enjoying the comforts of your home. 

Camper trailers most often come with a pop-up rooftop, canvas annex that is needed to be set up, sliding kitchens, no solid walls, no enclosed living areas or inbuilt bathroom or shower. This often depends upon the preferences of people. If you are someone who does not like to be confined in a small space and enjoys the laps of nature by staying outdoors then a Camper trailer is your best option to choose. 

Camper trailers are usually more pocket friendly than caravans you can find them from $10k or even below it. Though there are pricier variants based on the feature you want to avail. Another thing to consider if you are planning to Camper trailer to hire in Sydney you need to consider that you need a separate set-up of power depending on the place you are planning to travel. 

Having known a bit about camper trailers we can tell you it is a lot more fun and adventurous to stay in and if you are a person who likes the zeal of spending time outdoors then this has to be your perfect choice. 

In this article, we have brought forward some amazing places that you can explore in your camper trailers hired in Sydney so without any further ado let’s get started. 


1.Mungo Brush

  • Location- Located between the sand spit in Myall lakes and the Pacific Ocean. The spot is towards the north of Hawks Nest or also known as Tea Gardens.
  • As it’s a very popular spot so we prefer you to visit it at the oof peak time to avoid the intense crowd it draws during vacation.
  • Watching the Myall lakes is a treat for the eyes as it’s truly magical.
  • The place is famous for various water sports activities like kayaking, canoeing, and fishing and how can we miss swimming?
  • A perfect spot for a quick getaway and surf beach. 
  • You can visit the place for camping anywhere between March to November keeping away dates of school holidays to maximise your enjoyment. 


2.The Town Of  1770, QLD

  • Location-  This town is located on the Queensland coast between Rockhampton and Bundaberg.  
  • Thai town has two famous camping locations one on the bustard bay shore and another on the beautiful surf beach.
  • You can also camp in the pristine place of Eurimbala National Park which has two major waterside spots known as Middle beach and Bustard bay.
  • This is the prime location for people who love fishing and boating.
  • These caravan parks have the facility of Flush toilets and showers.


3.Willandr NP

  • Location- It is located in central NSW right to the west of Hillston.It is a shady place that looks amazing and is close to the archaic restored sheep station of Willandra. 
  • It is a spectacular oasis and is a perfect spot for camping though it’s treeless plain so doesn’t opt for this place during summer.
  • You can choose a spot beside Willandra Creek that provides some great shade.
  • You can visit this place at the best time between May To September.
  • You have the facilities of cold showers and toilets on the camping site.


4.Diamantina NP 

  • Location- It is located in the middle of the  Channel country the northeast of Birdsville. 
  • Though the place is not very popular the adventure to reach there and enjoy the beauty of the place make it a worthy camping site.
  • This place is for hardcore adventure lovers as you need to cross hundreds of kilometres to reach there so you have to be your amenities to sustain yourself for a few days before you reach the spot.
  • The camping spot beside Hunter Gorge will melt away all your stress and will make your long journey worth it. 
  • The drive around the Warracoota circuit and the journey to Janet’s leap will gift you with some aesthetic and magical views that you would never regret visiting this place.
  • It is also a place with a wide variety of birds. It’s a spectacle to watch.
  • We would recommend you visit the place at the time from May to September to experience the best. 


5.Owen Springs Nature Reserve

  • Location-This a booming place for camping and is located an hour’s drive to the south of Alice Springs by the Stuart Highway.
  • The campsite known as the Redbank Waterhole is only about ten minutes away from the highway.
  • There are further camping sites under the river gums beside the Lawrence Gorge. 
  • The place is magical with an abundance of fascinating views and again the best time to visit this place is between May to September. 


6.McKillops Bridge 

  • Location- this bridge is extended across the snowy river to the west of Delegate around the northeast corner of Australia. 
  • The place is best for long drives and you will get to see the small cozy campsite along the side slope.
  • The place is accessible all year round the peak time is November to May but the 4WD track is not accessible during the winter.


7.Davenport Ranges

  • Location-This ranges cover an area of about 100 km to the south of Tennant Creek and again stretches from 80km to the east.
  • The walks around the old police station ruins are quite archaic and a spectacle to watch. 
  • The waterhole near it has yabbies and the food the frew river track will keep you occupied with its charm.
  • This campsite is for those who like to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • The best time to visit the place I between May to September.


This is our top 7 picks for camper trailers hired in Sydney. Choose a place from the list accordion to your preference and we assure you will have the most memorable camping experience to cherish for a lifetime.

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