Caravan Australia: Guide to Keeping your Caravan Cool this Summer

Warmer months are the best time to hit the road and explore Australia. For an adventure-infused thrilling vacation, all you need is a comfy caravan to make your journey smooth and enjoyable. The summer is all about zeal, vacations and getting beautiful tans in the warm heat. We all know how exciting caravan rides can be but the intense heat and humidity can turn your journey into a nightmare. 

In this article, we have brought to you some effective handy tips to maintain a proper balance between heat input, ventilation and maintaining a cool temperature in your caravan exploring Australia.

So without any further ado let’s make your summer caravan vacation the best one.


5 Ways By Which You Can Beat The Heat of Summer In a Caravan in Australia


1.Choosing the right spot or location to park your caravan 

The first important criterion to keep your caravan cool is to reduce the direct sunlight from hitting your caravan. While it is not feasible to find a spot that won’t get sunlight at all but you need to opt for the spot by making a rough estimate about where the sun would be sitting in the afternoon.  Morning sunlight feels warm but does not have the strength to heat up your van but the position of your van during the afternoon plays an integral role to keep it cool. Afternoon sun rays have the greatest amount of heat and direct incidence on your van can make it very hot and uncomfortable to stay in. So when you reach your spot take a minute and observe where the sun is sitting and place your van accordingly for a comfy, cozy vacation. Find a shade that suits your purpose even big trees can be used to keep heat away from your van. You can do some research and find out spots for caravanning in Australia before you hit the roads to explore in Summer. 


2.Effective Insulation And Proper Air Circulation

Due to the intense summer heat just the usual shields on the windows won’t be able to keep your van cool. Thicker insulations are required so that the heat cannot pass it and get inside to raise the temperature inside the van. The best insulation in this case is using solar screens. It works brilliantly to shield your van from the intense sun rays you can even customize them and make it for your entire van and trust us it’s amazing to keep your caravan cool and comfortable to stay in.

Air circulation is another vital part to let the hot air out of the caravan as it raises the inside temperature. Using a fan that consumes less power can be installed at the different parts of the van to circulate the hot air out and make the temperature inside bearable. As electrical goods emit heat so we suggest you use low-power-consuming appliances to keep your van’s inside temperature from rising.


3.Stop Using Ovens & Halogen lights Inside The caravan 

For enjoying cooler temperatures inside you need to cook outside the van. We know it would be really difficult to cook outside in the scorching sun but doing it inside your van can make you go crazy as the air circulation is limited. Cooking appliances generate a lot of heat so it is never advised to use them inside the caravan during summer. It will raise the temperature inside making it unbearable to live in. 

To generate some less heat during cooking we have some suggestions for you:

  • While cooking, keep the lids closed this would keep the heat away from you.
  • Use convection ovens outside this would circulate the heat evenly without directing it completely towards you. 
  • You can use oven thermometers so that you don’t raise the temperature to cook unnecessarily, saving you from both energy and distress from the heat. 


 Halogen and incandescent bulbs emit a lot of heat into the surrounding areas and thus raise the temperature in the caravan making it uncomfortable to stay in. Switching to LED or fluoro lights have multiple benefits like consuming less energy yet providing satisfactory bright light and not radiating heat as such.  

The next tip for how to keep a caravan cool in summer is to switch off the halogen and incandescent lights and instead use LEDs or fluoros. Have a look and see if any of your light bulbs can be changed out for LED or fluorescent versions.


4.Stay Cautious Of the Windows you are Opening Your Caravan 

It is pretty obvious that you can’t keep the windows of your caravan closed all day long. You have to keep a few windows open for proper air circulation but there is a catch here. Notice which side of your van is receiving direct sunlight and avoid opening windows on that side instead provide proper insulation and draw curtains and blinds to avoid the entry of heat. You can open the windows that face the shade side to allow air circulation without allowing the heated air from getting inside.


5.Installing Privacy Screens To Enjoy Outdoors At Ease

To keep your caravan from getting overheated. You can install a privacy screen  or awning to the side that gets directly exposed to the sunlight. By doing this you are providing great insulation from the direct sunlight that is hitting your caravan. Additionally, you can enjoy the little space within the screen and enjoy some outdoor activities within the shade. 


Some Other Handy Tips

These tips will make your caravan stay a lot more comfortable in the summer and we assure you about that. Apart from these, we have some other basic suggestions so that you can make the most out of your caravan experience in Australia by keeping it cool this summer:

  • If things still get out of control and everything fails then switch on the air conditioner until the sun sets. Carry cold ice packs, and drinks and make sure everybody gets an adequate amount of fluid to protect them from dehydration. Carry bottles and mugs that are insulated to retain the coolness for a longer time.
  • What is the best outdoor activity in summer that can beat the heat? It’s swimming. Explore and find a pool nearby and get yourself drenched to drive away all heat. 
  • Carry extra towels and wet them for a cooling experience while you are moving around. You can also use a spray bottle with cold water or face mist for a refreshing feel. If you are carrying pets with you you can use them on them too to keep them comfortable and cool.


The bottom line is that you must plan a bit ahead while you are planning for a vacation in a caravan in Australia during summer. If you take our suggestions and stay a bit prepared this can save you from a lot of hassle and make your caravanning experience a lot more enjoyable.

Hope this article has added some value to you.

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