Guide To Opt For The Best Family Caravan That Fits Your Budget

Choosing the right family caravan often gets quite tricky. With so many options available in the market opting for the one you need can be difficult. Most of the time, people get carried away by the appealing features of a caravan model only to realise later that it is not what they have been looking for. So in this article, we have presented you with a list of parameters that you need to keep in mind while you are planning to buy one. Also, we have listed some of the best Jayco family caravans to give you some clarity on your search. 


Factors to Consider For Choosing The Perfect Family Caravan

  • Determine the towing capacity

– It is an important step to keep away the issues regarding insurance and legal stuff. It is also integral for maintaining your overall safety.

– So make sure you know about your towing weight and then purchase for a comfortable and hassle-free journey in the future.


  • Determine the storage capacity of your caravan 

 –  The number of family members along with the luggage and other stuff requires adequate storage capacity for a comfortable journey.

– Along with this the number of days and the distance needed to cover requires adequate storage too. Special attention must be paid to the long distances required to cover. So planning ahead and making a rough estimation of the storage capacity you might require will save you time and will keep confusion away.

–  The internal storage of your family caravan should be such that it satiates your daily needs and stores things required for cooking, bathing, clothing, cutleries, bedding and other important stuff.

– if you need other things for outdoor activities like fishing or any outdoor sports then you need to equip a tunnel boot for additional space.


  • Determine the bed capacity according to your family size

 – For a fun journey with your family members deciding the bed capacity at the beginning will avoid stress later on and will keep your vacation excitement at its peak.

– Decide the number of beds along with their position that will suit the best for your family as this is imperative for any long caravan vacation. 

– Owning to the age and needs of your family members you can make avail of zip-on rooms also called zip-on canvas or privacy screens or curtains that would let your family stay at ease without eating up any additional space. 

– Choosing the right size of beds for your caravan is important and consulting with professionals regarding this would make your journey comfortable for your family members and you.

– One to make an extra bedding space but don’t have the room for another bed? You can use  TIC cushions. they are large sized mostly L-shaped cushions to accommodate  person comfortably and later when not in use can be shifted underneath a bed. 

– Look at the amenities your family cannot do without as it requires space for their accommodation. Amenities like air conditioning, washing machine, fridges and other electronic equipment require some extra space in the caravan. 


  • Safety features that must never be overlooked in a family caravan

 – If your towing weight overtakes 700kgs make sure the caravan you are hiring is installed with an electric brake controller to manage the speed efficiently and effortlessly.

– Check your caravan whether has a DSC it is also known as dynamic stability control which provides additional extra protection against the swaying of the caravan while towing. It follows a principle where the ESC system automatically detects the swaying and stabilises it via fast break action immediately keeping away the risk of any kind of accident. 

– Check all the documents of the family caravan precisely and see withers its certified and insured to ensure it abides by all the safety standards. Check the certificate of accreditation that is provided by the Australian Department of Design Rules, Regulations and Standards. 


Family Caravan By Jayco To suit your needs! 

Be your family small or big Jayco has got the best range of caravans to suit all your needs while escalating your excitement for your family vacation. Let’s introduce you to some of the best family caravans to hire in the market. 

1.Jayco All Terrain


  • Perfect family caravan to hit off-road with rough terrains.
  • It is available in all three different floor plans along with a bed capacity of up to 6 people.
  • Have got a huge outdoor gear storage space.
  • The rear section can be made into a kid’s bedroom with a  capacity of double and even triple bunks. 
  • Other features entail a Jtech Independent suspension with D0-35 coupling, 12v awning LED, Premium ground clearance, dust reductions facilities, solar panels, wifi and GPS, batteries made of lithium, cooktop space with 4 burners, additional space for extra storage, TV and fans are also included in this caravan. 

2.Jayco Starcraft 


  • Best family caravan at an affordable range.
  • Give you the feeling of a home.
  • It is a quite spacious caravan with adequate space inside. It too has a sleeping capacity of 6 people.
  • Includes a refrigerator, shower space and toilet.
  • Other specifications it lentils are the Cooktop has 4 burners and comes with a grill too, an Air conditioner, and an Awning LED light.


3.Jayco Journey 


  • It is one of our most popular caravans that come with various floor plans.
  • It assures absolute comfort.
  • Accommodates a bed capacity of about 6 people.
  • Has got the option of Outback which enhances the experience of your adventure even more. 
  • The features that it includes are complete air conditioning, a TV, a Refrigerator with a capacity of 171 l, a gas cooktop with 4 burners and it also comes with an oven, additional storage capacity, a microwave and a washing machine.


This was all about the parameters you need to check before opting for a family caravan and the caravan model that you can check out to ease your search. Discovery Caravan Hire Sydney caters to providing you with the best family caravan to hire that suits your needs in a hassle-free manner. If you need any further assistance regarding the caravan feel free to contact us without any hesitation.

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